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The services of Computer Solutions

Computer Solutions specialises in preventive maintenance.  This is the practice of identifying and resolving issues before they develop into stressful problems.  Such issues include-

hardware and software security;

data security;


threat prevention (electronic and physical);



It also helps to –

maximise efficiency and effectiveness and

minimise (as far as possible) the risk of nasty preventable problems, inconvenience, expense and stress.


This may be dealt with by regular health checks.


Many computers are looked after on the basis of "I don’t know of any problems so there’s nothing to do”.  This wishful thinking approach is a good example of the saying "Failure to plan is a plan for failure".  It’s a bit like waiting until you have a fire before realising that having a fire extinguisher may have saved a lot of expense and stress.  Computer Solutions is the only computer business in the area that considers preventive maintenance for computers as a subject in its own right.  It is uniquely placed to help computer users to be pro-active and avoid nasty preventable problems, inconvenience, expense and stress.


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